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Previous members

Absent Without Leave...

Previously, dBass has featured the talents of:

Mounzer Sarraf

Guitar, plenty of effects, and some superfast vocals, not to mention all round good egged excellence.

George Murray

Trombone, or 'paperclip', if you will. George's wit and charm seem to land him with numerous other gigs which have included Colditz, The Glasgow Improvisor's Orchestra and the Mosa Funk Club.

Fraser Clark

Keys. Soulmaster. A quiet man who manages to avoid being photographed, Fraser has been solely responsible for most of dBass' finer grooves. Fraser now joins us rather more occasionally, having moved southwards. Only-photo-in-existence by Suzy Ferguson.

Steve Boyle

Having previously drummed for dBass, Steve rejoined us tinking and thocking various percussive items. He also did an enormous amount of working producing the Garden EP, which we are very proud of.


Beatbox, raps, mad sounds etc. Quest also runs the useful 17thLetter network. Photo by David Crawford.

Tasha Nixon

Having been the only remaining student in the band for all of 07/08, Tasha has now become a noy-student and is moving on to pursue theatrical and tennis related ambitions, though I'm sure she will continue to guest as circumstances allow.

Euan Allardice

Trumpet-type-horn. Euan is a busy chap. He plays with another of dBass' favourite bands, The 44s (as in the bus), as well as How to Swim and a few other Glasgow acts, which is why no-one can ever be sure where he will be at a given moment. Like a quantum particle, if you were to know this, you wouldn't know how much speed he has, which might defeat the point of locating him... photo by Lorraine Ross.

Graham Local

What can we say? Over-qualified bassist previously of Unkle Bob fame, heavyweight of the international jazz scene (the last not quite true, but practically..)


Wayan is a man on a mission. No one knows quite what it is, presumably one to funk heaven and back. Or something. Having run the gauntlet by running dBass' sound for several months without one ounce of thanks for it, Wayan rightly concluded that his multi-instrumental talents would be better put to use on bass. Which makes my task all the more daunting as he's also a drumming force to be reckoned with sitting solid behind one of the three steering wheels of TAG's crazy armoured jazz tank. He's back in NYC for now. Photo by Suzy Ferguson.


Congas, Bongos, Synth, spontaneous vocal noises. It is my belief that Crowe knows everyone in Glasgow. He is a certified pyrotechnician. Not many people can say that. We haven't seen him for a while.

Jon Cooper

Bass, pod mangled or not as the case may be. He is setting up a teahouse in Edinburgh, so is away at the moment.


He scratches the vinyl. He is also part of the Ill Technique and helps run Subclub's new homebrew/instant access night. He also helps out at Radio Magnetic. Or he would be if he wasn't off galavanting around the globe for two years.


Guitar and conceptual post modern composition, sound artist, currently on sabbatical in London village.

Ken Broom

He played tenor sax and the whirly tube thing and the kalimba. The band has lost a certain air of intellectuality since his departure it must be said. Ken gave up being a BBC archivist to study Slavonics at Glasgow, which is pretty cool. He has numerous wealthy and powerful friends and some of them less so, like Belle and Sebastien, the Glasgow Improvisor's Orchestra and Scatter. He is allegedly in Berlin.

Cathy Kungu

Incredible friend and singer. Cathy was often heard doing what she loved, singing jazz/soul solo and with ensembles across the city. See Kunguland, or contact the band to make a donation to the Cathy Kungu Leukaemia Research Fund. Get yourself on the bone marrow register too.

Geoff Widdowsen

I miss Geoff's keyboard/synth experimentations in the early days of the band, before he went on to concentrate on the highly successful Unkle Bob. Geoff also set up and runs Friendly Sounds, the amiable record label, and is a major protaganist among those psychiatric patients Kill Binary Kill and Rutabaga.

Ken Cowen

Back in the day when Crowe convinced us he could rap, Ken was his partner in crime shifting the beatbox blame between the pair. Word has it he is in Oz. He rides a cool bike.

Mark Watt

The original dBasser, the little pixie. Insanely skilled on the jazz fusion guitar front, Mark rapidly bored of the band to pursue fame and fortune in the aeronautics business. It could have been so different...