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We are proud to announce that we will be performing next week as part of a very special event: Fusion, a concert in aid of the Paul O'Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre with 100% of proceeds going to charity.

As some of you may know, this is a cause that is particularly close to our hearts as our former singer, Cathy, passed away from leukaemia in 2005. Back in that summer we put on a momentous night at the Carnival Arts Centre in her honour, raised a lot of funds and had a great time to boot, and have often thought about doing the same again. Unfortunately this had not yet materialised, so in the mean time we are delighted to be able to be a part of this concert.

As if that wasn't reason enough, this will be Mr. George J. Murray's final dBass concert for the foreseeable future. We are gutted to be losing him, especially as Glasgow's loss is Yorkshire's gain, but are pretending to be terribly understanding about it all. Fraser Clark and Mounzer Sarraf will be amongst guest players.

So a momentous gig it will be. The deets:

Who: dBass, Rose Parade, Susan Ridha, Little Fire, Martin Stuart Taggart, Sean Matrix
Where: The Ramshorn Theatre
When: Saturday Oct 16, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Details: £13 per ticket

Tickets: http://onlineshop.strath.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=2&prodid=38&deptid=158&catid=3

For more info on the event, visit bottom of the page: http://www.strath.ac.uk/culture/ramshorn/events/

100% of the proceedings will go to the charity and leukaemia research, and as always, get yourself registered here: http://www.anthonynolan.org/ or http://www.nhsbt.nhs.uk/bonemarrow/