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23/04/12 EP launch this week

We are delighted to be holding an launch for new EP 'Alloy' on the 26th April at the Universal, from 8pm. Do come along, there will be A LOT to see and hear, plus it will be the first opportunity to buy the EP on CD, ahead of it's release proper on the 30th April.

We are delighted to have with us guest vocals from Emma Gillespie (AKA Emma's Imagination), Quest, the tenor sax of Scott Murphy (who also features on the EP), and trumpet of Tim Quicke, a string section featuring ace violinist Feargus Hetherington and participants from the RCS, Jumblesale Sounds DJs, some live visuals from Alec Mackenzie, an exhibition of work by Katie Johnston and tea from Tchai Ovna, Phew!

£5 on the door or tickets here.

If you can not make it, you can still get an Alloy CD - just pre order it now at bandcamp, or if downloads are more your thing, you can do that straight away